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Cerdan 7g (Danewin x Folie DÁmour) brought up his third win in Malaysia from only seven starts with a close fought win in an 1100m Class 4 Handicap at the Perak Turf Club on Sunday. 

Cerdan has a bit of wear and tear and has had two previous operations to remove bone chips and to repair a slab fracture. He needs a bit of care and attention to keep him at his best, so it is a credit to trainer Shane Edwards that he's been able to orchestrate a late career renaissance with three wins coming in quick succession.

The prize money at the Perak Turf Club is rather pathetic these days and not at the top of the list when planning races. On the flipside, Perak is the only club that conducts straight track racing in the MRA and for an old bloke with dickey knees and carrying top weight the race looked very suitable. 

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